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From the Desk of Linda!

Being in the travel business for over 36 years, I have seen this industry go through many changes.  In previous days, hand written airline tickets were done on 4 part carbon forms; now smart phones have taken over most ticketing aspects.  Along with helping others experience new places and the chance of making new friends around the world, the best part of working in the industry is the travel itself.

When guests (most are now friends) come to me and say they want to go somewhere that I have already had the pleasure of traveling to, I am so excited for them.  In turn it makes their travel planning that much more magical.

Working 2Gether with groups has been my specialty from the beginning of my travel adventures.  I began my professional career by working at a college center planning bus ski trips.  Later resorts vacations, tour planning, and college spring break getaways became popular.  The past, nearly 20 years’ has been spent with the Global Grannies, making the travel dreams of many ladies a reality.  My travel career has taken me to all 7 continents.  Whether travelers are planning an individual vacation or group travel, my experiential background is wide and deep.

I am now so thrilled to be working with our new group "Gals Going Global" whose members are all in it for the love of travel, excitement of new experiences and the chance to make new friends around the world.

My motto, “This is our planet, so get out there and make your own memories!” 


Years in Travel:  Linda is the original pioneer of LS Global Travel.  As the CEO/Owner and very best in the travel industry, she has forged the way for nearly 3 decades. Linda’s office is wherever she happens to be as she holds regular office hours from both Billings and her home.  As an individual and corporate  Travel Navigator, she can quickly and easily get you anywhere you might ever dream of going! 

Favorite Travel Spot:  Kenya, Africa (for the people), Greece (for the history) and Australia (for the uniqueness of its’ land and wildlife).

Most Exotic Place Visited: Papua New Guinea

Fav Quote:  “This is our planet, so get out there and make your own memories!”


Contact:  phone (406) 294-8753