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Travel-Tis the Season to Sparkle” is Danni’s motive and since traveling 2Gether is Linda and LS Global’s forte, it’s only natural the 2 should team up 2Gether for great adventures.  Besides the Gals Going Global group, LS Travel offers the Willy Nilly Band of Traveler’s group, an adventure seeking entity whose members change as often as the tide.  It’s simply a designated group, whose members and destinations change with each trip offered.  After one of Danni’s recent trips, her son stated, “Mom, you’ve got to stay on budget and quit Willy Nilly traveling!”  Well the rest of the story is, one of the other travelers happened to be his childhood baby sitter, who now is a Mental Health Counselor.  After a few fun texts, (mental health trumps willy nilly financial advisors), the Willy Nilly group was born and hasn’t looked back.  From a Live It List trip, a retirement trip, or just friends gathering idea, this group plans at least one trip a year and welcomes new comers along life’s way.  The 2021 trip below is Cruising the Alaskan Glaciers with Princess.  Call or email the office today for further info! 


If you have a Willy Nilly group you’d like help with planning an adventure, we are all about it.  Give us a shout today!!!  Our forte of banding 2Gether and traveling life’s paths is one you won’t want to miss!  It's time to getaway from the daily grind and get out and see the world. Whether you're a first-time traveler, or a seasoned professional, join us for some fantastic vacations!

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