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Why use a travel agent?

We get asked all the time, “why use a travel agent, can’t I book myself?”  You sure can but it takes time, energy and moola you may not have.    If you put an hourly wage on your time and energy spent, even minimum hours, looking for that special trip, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to use your expert Travel Navigators?  LS Global takes care of all the details so that your travel experience is worth every memory made.  Here’s our Top 5 “Why” reasons!


  • PEACE OF MIND plays a first and foremost role in successful travel.  LS Global is here to see your trip through from dreaming status to scrap-booking those memories.  When our travelers are unexpectedly stranded, just like the recent Corona outbreak, we have the ability to quickly get travelers back on track.  From lost luggage and cancelled flights to weather, health, and insurance claims, LS Global has the ability to lighten the load and make the best arrangements possible.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Although we specialize in traveling 2Gether, we offer a complete menu of services for everyone from beginning traveler to the most seasoned.  There may be vacay ideas you’ve never even thought of or knew about.  LS Global has the current expertise on the most popular destination hot spots, so whether you are looking for remote and quiet or popular and fun, we can help!

  • GRACE FOR THE MOMENT! With hundred of choices for nearly every destination, LS Global can clear the clutter and help travelers get exactly what they want.  Rather than hours of research; time and energy spent trying to figure it out yourself, let LS Global take the load.  Our amazing Travel Navigators have instant access to travel suppliers that offer a wide array of travel products.  Because of industry connections and networking abilities, they can also often get you special pricing, travel amenities and those “extras” not available to the general public.  Thus, using your LS Global Team saves you both time and money from your already hard pressed day! 

  • DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!  “Fine print” surprises when booking yourself can often send travelers into a tail spin in a heartbeat.  Let LS Global get your seat assignments so you aren’t riding on the wing or next to the bathroom.  Let us help you make sure you have the right clothes for the right climate, the correct currency for the country and the correct documents to travel. Carefree, worry free, details covered is one of LS Globals most prestigious mottos.

  • FRIENDS AT HOME!  Last, you have a friend at home who has your back, before, during and after your trip.  Another of our most coveted praises is when guests share their adventures with us.  The most awesome part of using LS Global Travel is that our fees are basically non-existent.  That’s right, we are paid from travel suppliers and we will always, let you know up front of any charges incurred.  Our passion is traveling.  “We wander as we wonder and we wonder as we wander!”  Another fun quote, but our travel friends soon become family when we do it 2Gether, so let us know how we can make your travel dreams not just come true but prosper with incredible value and memories.